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3 Ways to Embrace the Holidays Like an Artist.

The weather outside might not be entirely frigthful yet, but the holidays have indeed arrived. It's the "most wonderful time of the year" and no matter what you celebrate, it's an excellent opportunity to feed the artist that inhabits your brain - even if it is with gingerbread cookies and chocolate.

Here are the three best ways to fully embrace and absorb the holiday season as an artist...

1. OBSERVE THE PEOPLE. The holiday season sprinkles parties all over the calendar - family gatherings, friend hangouts, office celebrations, etc. While you should, of course, enjoy the festivities be sure to keep a watchful eye out - but not in a creepy way. Observe all the different personalities you encounter. Whether it's that uncle that you have loved your whole life, but never actually had a real conversation with, or your work friend's new acquaintance from the German office, study the type of person they are. Watch how they act and listen to the stories they tell. You never know when inspiration will strike. You may be cast in a role that's similar to that person in a film next week, or find yourself suddenly desiring to make the character you've been writing German. Draw on these truthful meetings and infuse them into your work.

Sidenote: It's also interesting to see people open gifts. The stakes are high and most don't want to insult anyone by looking upset from what's under the wrapping paper. Watch how people act when they truly care.

2. ABSORB THE DRAMA. Every holiday has rituals. Some people decorate a Christmas tree, some light a menorah, some have intense political debates over turkey - everyone has their own method of showing spirit. At most gatherings, people will tell stories. Watch how they tell them and note whose are succesful and whose are boring. Spot the life of the party and see how they engage with people. In a way they entertain them. A master storyteller is always a great person to learn from. After all, "telling a story" is the notion at the heart of the entertainment industry. If you are the life of the party, then good for you. Go have some cookies.

3. MAKE MEMORIES. Hopefully happy ones! Take note of how you feel in every moment (while you are remaining in that moment, of course) and maybe you can use it later for a project. See what makes you smile and feel thankful. See what really fills you with holiday spirit! Being around the people you love in the name of a universal celebration can create some of the best memories. And memories are the magic thoughts that will fuel your work as an artist.

Happy holidays! Follow us on twitter @honeyourcraft.

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