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All Photo Credits: Tommaso Mei

Niki Koss is one to watch. From her award-winning web series, "ROYALS," to recently completing production on "Trafficked," alongside Ashley Judd, the 21 year old actress is certainly on the rise.

HYC caught up with Niki on the brink of her Paramount Pictures film debut in "Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse." We ask her about her trouble-maker of a role, working with zombies and what's next.

RP: What made you want to be an actress?

NK: I have wanted to be an actress for as long as I can remember. I do not even remember what it was that made me want to do it, but somehow at three years old, I just knew that I did.

RP: Have you received any training?

NK: I have been studying acting since I was a kid. When I was younger, I did theater and private coaching. Then as I got older, I began studying with a number of incredible teachers. However, my coach/mentor since I was nine years old is Will Wallace.

RP: Congratulations on "Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse" - Can you tell me a bit about your role?

NK: Thank you! My character, "Chloe", is one of the popular girls in school. She is really ridiculously naive and self absorbed, but in a funny way. She is also a bit of a trouble maker.

RP: I'm sure that was a blast to film! Do you have a favorite on set memory?

NK: It really was a blast to film, I do not know if I can just pick one! We had a "zombie choreographer" on set to teach the actors how to act like a real zombie, which was hilarious. I remember he took me upstairs to an empty hallway and just practiced weird zombie walks and noises with me for, like, thirty minutes and I just could not keep it together. I was so terrible at it at first.

RP: That's awesome! Did have any scenes with zombies?

NK: ​ Oh yeah... Quite a few. They are just as scary in real life as in the film, too!

RP: What would you do if zombies were really attacking the world?

NK: ​ I would call up Tye Sheridan, Logan Miller and Joey Morgan and make them come save me.

RP: Good plan. In addition to acting, you're also a writer and director. Do you find that wearing multiple "hats" helps you as an actress?

NK: Absolutely. I remember when we were going through the casting process of the first show that I ever directed and all I could think was how much I was learning as an actor for future auditions.

RP: Out of them all, which position do you like best?

NK: I think I like acting the best, but it really is a toss up. I think I can just completely let go when I am acting, which is so fun and liberating, but I also love the creative aspect of writing and the thrill of directing.

RP: You've written an award-winning web series ("ROYALS") and a number of short films. What's your writing process?

NK: ​ My friends always make fun of me because I have a notes section in my phone that is just filled with ideas. Whenever I randomly get an idea, I get all dramatic about it and make everyone ignore me and stop talking until I have finished writing it down, haha. Usually if it is a decent one the rest sort of just falls into place from there and I can not stop thinking about it until I write it.

RP: Any upcoming projects you'd like to share?

NK: I just finished a pilot called "The Monroes", which is being shopped around at the moment. I am pretty excited about that.

RP: To end on an inspiring note, what wou​ld you say is your best piece of advice for aspiring talent (actors, writers, etc.)?

NK: If you are a creative person and you are not able to unleash your creativity, you will go crazy. Always find a way to be creative, even if it is something you think may never amount to anything. We need it to feed our souls! And often times those projects you start without any expectations end up being the best ones.

Be sure to catch "Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse" Follow her on twitter - @NikiKoss.

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