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BILLY BUSH: TV's Host with the Most.

It's a little known secret that professional interviewers often make for the best interviewees. At the very least, that is certainly the case with Billy Bush. The radio and television host, widely known for NBC's Access Hollywood, has been dominating the entertainment news circuit since he stepped onto the scene or, more accurately, the red carpet.

I had the wonderful opportunity to turn the tables on Billy and ask him questions about his career, his favorite celebrity interviews and what qualities make for a star.

RP: Did you always know you wanted to work in the entertainment industry?

BB: I knew I wanted to communicate with people. To have fun and create moments. It's the least boring sector :).

RP: I know you have a background in radio, how did you end up on TV? Was that always the plan?

BB: The dream was always radio. It was my first passion and still is, but TV came calling. I started locally and built it.

RP: What's your favorite part of hosting Access Hollywood?

BB: This is my 15th year. I enoy now being able to provide perspective or context to stories gleaned from personal experience. I know a lot of people now, too!

Billy Bush & Co-Host Kit Hoover (Via Getty Images)

RP: Do you prefer the live show to the taped segments or vice versa?

BB: Live is always the best. No take backs, only the strong survive. There is a dangerous risk that comes with it.

RP: What would you say are the key skills you've needed as a host?

BB: Listening. To listen to others and either follow up or move on accordingly. Sense of humor - it always wins.

RP: Have you ever had an embarrassing TV moment?

BB: Many. Like when I almost sweat through my shirt entirely while interviewing Jerry Seinfeld because I was so nervous.

RP: As someone who has interviewed most of the world's greatest talent, have you noticed any underlying similarities between them all?

BB: The bigger the star, the nicer they are... they don't get really big being jerks.

RP: Who has been your favorite person to interview and why?

BB: Donald Trump because he's not afraid to say anything and he's very funny. And Nene Leakes. Same reason. But I could pick a hundred.

Billy Bush interviewing Donald Trump for Access Hollywood

RP: To end on an inspiring note, what would you say is your most valuable piece of advice for aspiring "hosts" or "entertainers?"

BB: Don't aspire to fame or money. Get in the game and be willing to do anything. Listen well. The art and noble endeavor of building a career seems lost. Too many went overnight success or start at the TOP. Slow build equals solid career.

Follow Billy's adventures on Twitter @BillyBush and be sure to catch him wrangling the stars on NBC's Access Hollywood!

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