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Host Your Own Career with LUCY NORRIS

Lucy Headshot Credit: Reeves Watson / Graphic by RPP.

"British by birth, New Yorker by choice."

This is how Lucy Norris describes herself. The TV host and lifestyle expert has dreamt of making it as a television personality in New York City ever since she was a young girl ogling over British talk shows. Now, after a big move and years of taking NYC by storm, it is clear Lucy has officially fulfilled that dream. With cheery charisma and a professional demeanor, she has hosted for national networks like HSN and QVC, graced countless red carpets and created her own show, On Deck with Lucy. How does she do it all? Find out for yourself!

Lucy has built "How To Host Your Own Career," an incredible online video course designed to assist entrepreneurs in taking control of their career in entertainment. The course, available on Udemy today, is applicable to all and works off of Lucy's "3 S Step Technique" (How to be a Self-Starter, Self Managed and Self Styled’ entrepreneur).

We caught up with this extremely self-motivated talent to discuss her career, On Deck and her inspiring new course!

RP: Hi Lucy! What initially drew you to a career in hosting?

LN: Ever since I was a young girl I was always fascinated by talk shows. I was more aware of TV presenters than I was of “famous actors.” I was intrigued by the way that they were allowed to be themselves on television, have fun, meet all types of people and ask a bunch of different questions. I would daydream about one day becoming a TV Host but I had no idea on how to get into it.

At 16, my uncle paid for me to take a presenter course in London, which I loved, and 3 years later I landed a live TV gig as a host on an entertainment show. It was a 24 hour pop culture show, and I started on the late shift. It was a challenging job, a ton of hard work but it was a fantastic way to learn so much in a short amount of time. That was my introduction to the hosting world. 5 years later, a move to NYC and eventually my love for TV Hosting came full circle and I began working as an on-camera host again!

RP: You’re from overseas, why did you decide come to NYC? Was it a hard transition for you?

LN: After working for a year on Fame TV, I knew that television and working as an on-camera host was my passion. I also knew that work was limited in London and I have always been one for a challenge. America is full of opportunities within the entertainment industry and I knew that would have to be my next step. I applied for TV school in New York, was awarded a scholarship and then moved 2 months later.

I was lucky because I made friends very quickly in NYC. I believe that going to school and having a regular routine made it possible for me to adapt quickly to the city. I committed two years to NYC before returning back to England to visit my family. The reason I did this was because I wanted to really focus on my new life and not give myself the opportunity to get homesick. Now, I go back at least twice a year if I can, but it was really important to fully commit to my new American lifestyle in order for the transition to be smooth.

RP: Your show On Deck With Lucy highlights the trends, talents and tastes of New York. How did you come up with the concept?

LN: If I’m being honest, the show developed out of sheer frustration with the industry. I had built up a strong hosting reel and began getting booked to audition for some really high profile shows. I would get short listed but always end up not being the chosen one for the project. So, I decided that it was time to create my own opportunities and produce my own content that would highlight me as a personality, and offer an insight into the subjects that I loved.

"It was time to create my own opportunities."

The concept developed into On Deck, an entertainment show that would feature NYC and all of the fashion, restaurants and talent that I thought people would be interested in. The “Trends, Talent and Tastes” became the hot topics of the show.

RP: And what has been your most exciting “T” so far?

LN: I would say that my favorite T would have to be my first ever episode which covered the “HBO Latino Film Festival.” I had the opportunity to interview an outstanding individual named Lemon Anderson, a spoken word artist. The interview meant a lot to me because he is a great example of a driven, ambitious, hardworking artist who is living and entertaining in an authentic way. His energy was contagious and his determination was inspiring.

The episode meant a lot to me because it was the beginning of such a wonderful journey. I had no idea what, or how this show was going to come together and I had no idea how to host on a red carpet. But what I learned was that the “TV Hosting” game is a lot about thinking on your feet and going with the flow which was what that episode was all bout.

RP: Through your adventures, who has been your favorite person or celebrity to interview?

LN: I have had the honor to interview some amazing celebrities, who have gone out their way to make sure that I managed to get great coverage; Richard Gere, Christina Milian, Cynthia Rowley and Chrissy Tiegan were all fantastic, however, one of my favorites would have to be with well-known Australian businessman and entrepreneur, The Naked CEO, Alex Malley. He has two TV shows in Australia called “The Bottom Line” and “Conversation.” The reason I enjoyed the interview was because we covered so many topics that left me feeling inspired and in awe. I learned so much from him on life, business and what it takes to succeed. He has the ability to make you feel completely at ease, inspired and enlightened all at the same time. I’m a huge fan of his NY Times Bestseller, The Big Life. The interview lasted 3 hours - so I had a lot of material to work with!

RP: I understand you studied at the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts. What did you take away from your time there?

LN: The school was a great place to start my NY career in. I learnt a tremendous deal about acting and the business aspect of the entertainment industry. But what I learnt the most was that branding and marketing are key. You have to have a brand. In most cases as actors, we are our brand and how we market ourselves is what sets us apart. The school also gave me a great foundation to build from when it came to transitioning into the American market.

RP: And now you’re sharing your knowledge with the world! Congratulations on creating the video course ‘How To Host Your Own Career.’ Can you tell us a bit about that?

LN: Four years ago something happened in my life that changed my approach to the industry forever. I had a moment whereby an agent said “No, we just don’t think you are right for us.” And, after a moment of disappointment, I replied (in my head anyway): “Yes. Yes, I am right, you are just not right for me.” With or without the agent or manager I was going to have the career I had always dreamed of as a TV ost because I was going to create my own way of living - my own approach to the industry. This was when On Deck appeared and since the show I have never once looked back. I’ve been a featured guest host on QVC, HSN, an entertainment correspondent for GogoMix and Alleywire, and hosted some incredible live events including: NY Fashion Week and the Salon Centric Shows. Last year, I started coaching individuals on how I did it, but the demand became pretty high and I wanted to help more artists and entrepreneurs. So my way of reaching and helping more people was to create the course.

My approach revolves around the fact that I took control and created a brand that I could pitch to companies without the support of an agent or big corporation.

"Hosting... is about being a CEO of your own brand and creating a path that's right for you."

I had discovered a new approach to my career – “The 3 S Step Technique.” Throughout my journey I started to develop a strategy that would help me to achieve the goals I set for myself, meet the people I had always dreamed of meeting and get paid for doing what I love. I did all of this be being a Self Starter, Self managed and Self Styled. I dedicated myself to all three sections. This course is not just for future TV Hosts, it’s for anyone within the entertainment world wanting to create a brand, idea, new content, or generally just be able to make a steady income doing what they love to do. It’s for entrepreneurs, innovators and, in my opinion, the self-starters of today.

This is a series for anyone wanting to become the CEO of their own brand, achieve success and live a life that you are proud of. This course is perfect for those artists who are tired of waiting for their “big break” and for those who have an idea, passion, or vision and need direction on how to get there. Anyone can host their own career. Throughout the chapters I break down the technique, “The 3 S Step,” which shares insights on how to be “Self Starter, Self-Managed and Self- Styled.” I decided to call the course “How to host your own career” because it’s what I know. Hosting isn’t just about being on-camera, it’s about representing the best version of yourself. It’s about introducing new ideas, concepts and taking control over situations. It’s about being the CEO of your own brand and creating a path that’s right for you.

RP: What is your greatest hope for people taking the course?

LN: My greatest hope is that future self-starters and self-managed individuals understand that there is a strategy to carving out success. Opportunities can be created and are waiting to be lived in. The industry is not about luck, or being at the right place at the right time - it’s about understanding who you are, what you can offer and how one can build a brand that makes an impact that will lead to a success.

"Opportunities can be created and are waiting to be lived in."

We are all carving out a path towards success and everything that we do is being depicted by who we are and what we believe in. I often think that many entertainers have this misconception that when you have an agent or manager then they will be responsible for your brand. To even get an agent you need to be able to present them with a brand. To gain success you have to be responsible for your own actions and the decisions that you make and also be open to the opportunities that come your way.

RP: It sounds amazing. When and where can we expect to find it?

LN: “How To Host Your Own Career” will be exclusive to Udemy so all videos can be downloaded and viewed there. Later this year we will launching the second course, which will go into more detail about building your brand and becoming your own CEO.

RP: You public speak a bunch as well, any advice for getting up in front of a crowd?

LN: I would say that the biggest piece of advice I have when it comes to Public Speaking is work on knowing who you are as a person. What excites you? What grounds you? What motivates you? The reason I say this is because once you really know who you are, then you can remain grounded on stage and in-front of an audience. Breathe, relax and be “you” on stage. That is the best way to be a successful public speaker.

"Breathe, relax and be 'you' onstage."

Credit: Reeves Watson

RP: Any other upcoming news or tips you’d like to share?

LN: I’m excited to announce that I will be working with Fashion News Live on FNL Network this year as well as continuing to host a variety of beauty and hair shows around the country for L’oreal’s Saloncentric. I’m very passionate about the beauty world and love having the opportunity to be part of this world by interviewing and showcasing all types of artists. You will also be able to see me on HSN’s Beauty Report as I share all of our latest products from Dr. Brandt Skincare.

RP: Exciting stuff! To end on an inspirational note, what is your best piece of advice for aspiring “hosts?”

LN: My biggest piece of advice would be to “practice being present.” Hosting is all about being a great representation of yourself and helping present others in their best light. To do this you have to remain present at all times. It will be the secret ingredient to all of the hard work that is involved not only in front of the camera but also behind it.

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