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Wednesday, Jan. 27th @ 7PM - 10PM








  • Receive coaching and valuable insight on acting and improv from Johnna Scrabis.

  • Learn the fundamentals of improv and how to transfer it into an audition or role.

  • Focus on improv in acting - that is scene work, scene-study based, how to improvise in character etc.

  • Participate in engaging and fun improv exercises.

  • You will have the opportunity to ask Johnna your buzzing questions about improv and comedy.


*This is a three hour Personable workshop on January, 27th  from 7PM - 10PM.  It is not affiliated with the UCB in any way.  Ticket information is below.





134 W 29th St, 2nd fl

between 6th & 7th Av

NYC 10001















Johnna Scrabis  is a writer, performer, and improviser at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre with over ten years of experience performing and directing improv comedy. You can see her Tuesdays nights performing at UCB's Harold Night or as a host of UCB's The Lady Jam. She originally hails from Pittsburgh, home of the modestly successful Pittsburgh Pirates.


Johnna is excited to return to RPP!






Early Bird Special (First 5 applicants): $89

Regular Price: $99


To purchase a ticket please read our cancellation policy and then follow the instructions below:


NOTE: Once your ticket is purchased your spot has been reserved,  There is a strict no cancellation policy (unless, of course, an emergency arises... we're not heartless).  Classes are for educational purposes only and will not secure or provide opportunity for employment.  By purchasing a ticket you automatically agree to not hold RPP LLC liable for any injuries during the event (we don't know why these would occur, but felt the need to say it) and to have fun! 


1.  Reserve your spot by emailing:,

SUBJECT LINE: "(YOUR NAME) - IMPROV INTENSIVE" with your headshot/ resume.


2.  Robert will immediately get cracking on your request and handle payment.


3.  Prepare your one minute monologue for the event, grab a notebook and countdown the days!  


*Be sure to bring your email confirmation, music book and headshot/ resume with you to the event.* 

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