Meryl Streep & Viola Davis' Golden Globes speeches will give you acting life

January 9, 2017

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Kristin Chenoweth discusses her latest album, "Hairspray Live!," returning to Broadway and more!

Graphic by RPP/ Photo by: Jordan Matter

You are going to remember the name Noah Schnapp.  At a young age, the actor has achieved success that veterans can only hope to one day reach.  In fact, my twitter practically exploded at the mere mention of Noah, as his fans flooded my account with fanatical questions and love confessions (mostly the latter)....

Graphic by: RPP / Photo by: Lesley Bryce

It seems like Monica Lacy's career was mapped out in the stars.  In high school, she was scouted (and then plucked up) by Disney to star in The Parent Trap III with her sisters.  Since then the actress has nabbed recognizable stints in various television shows and movies, most notably being one of K...

Sarah Minnich is in love with the camera.  While many actors prefer the stage, the California actress can't get enough of being in front of the lens.  "Maybe it all comes down to some desire to rewind to childhood," she told us, "and play pretend."

Best known for her role as Brenda on AMC's hit series Better Call Saul, Sarah has created a...

Graphic by RPP/ Photo by: David LaPorte

Every actor has a dream role.  For Robb Skyler it has always been portraying legendary sports broadcaster Howard Cosell.  This summer the world can witness the veteran actor's fantasy come true, as Robb plays Howard in the upcoming biopic Hands of Stone.  Killing two birds wi...

Graphic by RPP

Inspiration strikes the moment one surfs over to Jodi Lynn Thomas' twitter page.  Her cover photo is a quote stating, "Be Someone You Admire."  Jodi can definitely admire herself, for one thing, due to the wonderful acting career she's built.  

The actress has appeared in films like Jane’s Got A Gun (alongside...

Photo Credit: Lesley Bryce / Graphic by: RPP


It's highly likely that you recognize Joshua Rush.  The young actor has been consistently landing high profile projects since his career kicked off at just 10 months old.  A Texas native, Joshua and his family moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of acting.  Since then, he has consistently nabbed rol...


For Molly Bernard, acting isn't just hereditary, it's a choice.  Grandaughter of notable acting teacher (and actor) Joseph Bernard, Molly says she would have chosen the acting path no matter what was inscribed in her family tree.  


The Brooklyn native found success early on, landing a role in the 2000 drama Pay It Forward ...

Ido Samuel grew up on dreams of coming to America.  It was not easy for the Israeli actor to leave his family and comfort behind for a new life, but when he finally seized the opportunity he nailed it.  Best known for playing Yossi in the 2012 Sony Classics film, Fill the Void, Ido loves the way that acting allows him to express hims...

All Photo Credits: Tommaso Mei


Niki Koss is one to watch.  From her award-winning web series, "ROYALS," to recently completing production on "Trafficked," alongside Ashley Judd, the 21 year old actress is certainly on the rise.    


HYC caught up with Niki on the brink of her Paramount Pictures film debut in "Scouts Guide to the...

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