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Wednesday, May 11th @ 7PM* 

Work w/ Casting Associate


of Brette Goldstein Casting


 - the new USA TV series DONNY!

- An untitled TV series

- A TV pilot








  • Receive one on one coaching and valuable insight from Michelle who works at one of the most respected Casting offices in the business, Brette Goldstein Casting.

  • The evening will begin with a special introduction from Michelle.

  • Then you will perform your one minute monologue for Michelle and the class on camera in a safe environment.  Michelle will work with you on your chosen piece..

  • Michelle will keep your headshot/resume on file and give you amazing feedback.

  • The night will end with a Question and Answer Session where you will have the opportunity to ask Michelle your burning questions about the business, her career and more!

  • You will receive your beautiful footage (from KGD films) within the following weeks!


*This is a two hour Personable workshop on May, 11th  from 7 PM - 9 PM.





A.R.T./New York - Spaces @ 520

520 Eighth Avenue, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10018
(212) 594-0422





Michelle Cutolo has been a Casting Associate at Brette Goldstein Casting for over three years. Past projects include SHARKNADO 2, BUT NOT FOR ME, ENGRAM, REACHING HOME; TV: SMALL MIRACLES, the pilots TEN-ONE, the UNTITLED DONNY DEUTSCH PROJECT and the UNTITLED MOM PROJECT; Commercials for Vicks, Optimum Business, The Sparkle Campaign, to name a few.


Michelle has worked on films, commercials, and TV with Brette. She enjoys working with talent, especially since she has a background in acting and understands what it's like to be on camera, as well as behind the camera. Michelle is also a Producer/Director and has her own upcoming projects.


Currently, she is working with Brette on: the new USA TV series DONNY!, an untitled TV series, a pilot, and the feature films THE LOST PRINCE and EXTRA INNINGS.


Recent projects include: the new Lifetime TV series I LOVE YOU BUT I LIED, the new NY TV series HELP YOURSELF on USA, and the indie short THE END OF MARA.


For more please visit:





(includes video footage of the event)



(Limited Number - can present school ID for $30 pass)

(Observe the class and have the opportunity to ask questions if time permits).


To purchase a ticket please read our cancellation policy and then follow the instructions below:


NOTE: Once your ticket is purchased your spot has been reserved,  There is a strict no cancellation policy (unless, of course, an emergency arises... we're not heartless).  Classes are for educational purposes only and will not secure or provide opportunity for employment.  By purchasing a ticket you automatically agree to not hold RPP LLC liable for any injuries during the event (we don't know why these would occur, but felt the need to say it) and to have fun! 


1.  Reserve your spot by emailing:,

SUBJECT LINE: "(YOUR NAME) - MICHELLE CLASS" with your headshot/ resume.


2.  Robert will immediately get cracking on your request and handle payment.


3.  Prepare your one minute monologue for the event, grab a notebook and countdown the days!  


*Be sure to bring your email confirmation, and headshot/ resume with you to the event.* 

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